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This site is dedicated to the ancient, enchanting breed:  Ibizan Hound,  Ca Eivissenc,  Podenco Ibicenco


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"The red longtailed dog goes at night into the stalls of the hills, he is better than the longfaced dog.  He makes no delay in hunting, his face glows like a god and he delights to do his work."

Reputed quote from an Egyptian hieroglygh



Welcome to About Ibizan Hounds, a Web site dedicated to the well-being of this  elegant, playful breed of dog.  Since this site is undergoing constant refinement and change, please take a moment to look around, and come visit again soon!

What you can find here:


The photographs on this Web site are the copyright property of their photographers. Please obtain permission before copying. Photographs are contributed by Mary Crume, Cheri Talbot, Kristina Mårtensson, Leslie Lucas, and Gail Burgess. The page of agility photographs was taken by Tien Tran.


This site last updated October 1, 2001.



There is a business site on the Webrings listed below which sells dogs for profit. Be wary of any website which primarily promotes sales. Remember that AKC Championships can be manipulated: a breeder referring to numbers of Championships is bragging about quantity of breeding, not quality. Please read the Reputable Breeder page carefully before purchasing an animal.

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