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Breed Standards From Around the World

A Standard is a description of the ideal speciman of a breed. Standards are created and set by national and sometimes international breed clubs. Serious breeders and fanciers study the Standards to determine desired morphology and to assess breeding stock. Even for the breed enthusiast, a close examination of different Standards gives insights into the unique appearance and abilities of the Ibizan Hound. Below are several different Standards from around the world.


wpe1F.jpg (1391 bytes) American Kennel Club (AKC) Standard, approved September 11 1989
wpe20.jpg (1391 bytes) Spanish Standard,  Club of Madrid, 1930
wpe21.jpg (1391 bytes) Spanish Standard, 1994
wpe22.jpg (1391 bytes) English Standard, 1997

wpe1D.jpg (1418 bytes)

Canadian Standard, 1985

wpe1D.jpg (1418 bytes)

F.C.I Standard




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